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69Objects by Jean Westbrook

Updated: Jan 15

Open every day during light hours at 130 Park Lane, Macclesfield

Sat Jan 20th - Sun March 3rd 2024

Jean Westbrook has filled The Doll’s House Art Gallery with quirky and interesting artworks and objects. These 69 things promote the 69Projects that she is undertaking during her 69th year.

Some of the objects connect with a particular project, and visitors are invited to take part in activities throughout the year and to donate money to the £69 x 69 charity funds.

The artworks are mainly created with things Jean has collected over the years. She finds it impossible to pass by any item that she finds interesting or inspiring, and, like this one, Jean’s house is full of old and new ideas that others may call clutter! A few items have been made and donated by family and friends who have seen her house and understand it.

Which are your fave objects? Tag us in your Stories!

Jean Westbrook trained to teach art and drama in the 1970's utilizing both subjects as a nursery/infant teacher. Much later she completed a FdA in 'Creative Arts for Employment' which led her to produce 'The Big Cardigan' which she wore to dance on the Fourth Plinth followed by 'The (even) Bigger Cardigan', knitted by people across the country. Community projects include 'The Congregation of Scarecrows', 'Peter on Peter Street', 'May To September' and 'The 750Banner'.

During the pandemic Jean studied comedy and made people laugh with her online graphics and fun puppets including Potricia the Potato and Chanice - a life size "inner-self" of Jean who also featured in the Barnaby Digital Parade and starred on stage as the artists' sidekick doing improv comedy for the Glastonbury Bin Painters. Jean's artwork is often illustrative and humorous using a mixture of media and often combining her own photographs and pencil drawings to produce digital images.

Connect with Jean and her project on Facebook at @69Projects

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