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Minimalist Meditations Exhibition

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

of contemporary "miniature" wire mesh and house paint sculptures

by HEATHER SKOWOOD (2020) January 23rd - April 11th 2021

Heather SKOWOOD is a 3D Artist, goldsmith and Creative Director/Event Manager for Levenshulme’s annual West Point Lantern Parade community event. She is promoting community art and street art for wellbeing through the Covid-19 pandemic.

"As an artist who creates large scale sculptures for events, wearable art and fine jewellery I have always enjoyed playing with scale... I often envision pieces existing as sculptural objects to be enjoyed when not being worn, as well as seeing them as ‘models’ for potential large sculptural artworks. The playful perception in the shifting of size and scale in Claes Oldenburg’s public art has always inspired me.

I created these sculptures during the first 2020 lockdown. I had been furiously making all kinds of art in response to the changes the pandemic was forcing on us.. From the threat of the virus itself, the isolation from family and friends, the threat of unemployment for millions more people and the death of George Floyd, reminding us of so much more we need to do to combat racism around the world.

In times like this we need more creativity to console and inspire one another, as well as coming up with ideas to get us out of difficult situations. Creating these wire sculptures was like meditation for me. I got lost in them to ease my mind and ground me, their minimalist forms gave my tired eyes and heart rest from what I was watching unfold around me... This is the power of art. I’m thrilled for the opportunity to display them in The Doll's House Art Gallery. In this space they take on a different life, their scale has changed again, providing yet another perspective to experience them. The gallery itself is a labour of love and work of art providing a unique space for the community to come together and express our loves, fears, joys and creativity.


Are you interested in collaborating with Heather in Levenshulme, Manchester?

Heather loves collaborating with the community and other artists. If you are in need of festival/party decor, costumes or jewellery she’s happy to work with you. Also if you are interested in becoming involved in the West Point Lantern Parade in Levenshulme by helping to create sculptures, assisting with set up or fundraising please do get in touch. All are welcome so please get in touch with your ideas! Heather can be contacted via these online portals:

FB @WestPointLanternParadeMcr

IG/FB @HeatherSkowoodDesigns

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