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Intramural Growth Exhibition

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

by Uncanny Artist Becca Smith, open from sunrise April 30th to sunset July 3rd 2022

Award-winning artist Becca Smith explores painting, drawing, printmaking and installation looking for ways to express tension, anxiety, beauty, protest and a sense of the Uncanny. We are pleased to welcome Becca to The Gallery for our first Macc-based exhibition.

About The Exhibition

My recent body of work came from a cold, housebound January, looking at photos I had taken in Macclesfield Forest and the approaching deadline of a new group show with The Tunnel Artists in London.

I started to draw and paint The Forest with intense colours: pyrrol red and emerald green, gold oil pastels and direct marks. I added monolith structures - towers, spires and chimneys as an ominous but silent presence, an intrusion, which might be eventually overcome…

I created several canvases, relief prints, drawings and even painted a public piano in Macclesfield Bus Station with my vision of The Forest.

This installation fulfills my dream of a ‘forest room’, and has brought my work full circle - back into a domestic setting, this time in miniature.

Here I use small-scale prints of three works on canvas; ‘Green Chimney’, ‘May Day Mask’, 'Untitled' watercolour inks on paper and ‘Fruiting Bodies’ and life-size relief prints as wallpaper.

I created 'Figures' the tree trunks and spires using acrylic on cardboard specifically for this exhibition. Please see the full titles and mediums below.

All my pieces are for sale full size, and I am available for commissions, workshops and exhibitions. If you’d like to find out more or get in touch, contact me via email at or DM me on Instagram @beccasmith_art.

Green Chimney Small-scale print of painting on canvas May Day Mask Small-scale print of painting on canvas

Fruiting Bodies Small-scale print of triptych painting on canvas

Red Forest Life-size reproduction of lino print

Figures Cardboard, acrylic and wire

Untitled Watercolour inks on paper

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