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Cell#3 Macc Hexagonal Micro Gallery

Featured and poster image: Erin Hague's #LightHive.

A 1:50 scale, 22cm hexagonal micro gallery - part of Macc-based IDST! Arts' #LightHive!

From August to October 2022 we joined IDST! at the Heritage Centre in stage 1 of their #LightHive project, which enables people in Macclesfield to come together and make art, try tech and create a light-up installation together. No suprise, we created a micro gallery! The contained lighted space and omnipitent presence inspired us, so we found 1:50 scale people and artwork from a previous open call. It was at times challenging, but in a good way where you get to work with new technology, and it was really nice to meet new people, do something creative each week and work on something together.

Phase One launches on the ground floor of the Old Sunday School on Friday October 28th from 7-9pm, 29th 10am-4pm and 30th 10am-2pm alongside 8 other hexagonal artworks. Want to get involved with phases 2 or 3? Come along and find out more! Alternatively, get in touch with them via the website or on Instagram. Thanks to the members for letting us take part. See the micro artists listed and photos of our process below.

A huge thank you to Micro Gallery Artists from the UK to the USA - click a name to check out more of their work:

Charity Ellis - paper cut layers in match box (image 1)

Emma Blackburn - embroidery with matchstick frame (image 4)

Jacqui Wood - seascape embroidery in card frame (image 2)

Lovely Little Lamp - glitter rainbow in card frame (image 5)

Loz Lees - recycled electronics bug sculpture

Lucie Fitzpatrick - neon polystyrene sculpture with nylon wire, 1:344th scale model of The Doll's House Art Gallery (image 3), 3D drawn portrait.

Milicent Fambrough - wooden wall-based sculpture

RoBoTaLiEn MuSiC - remembering being on stage during lockdown - photo and paper layers in matchbox

Tao Lashley-Burnley - abstract painting

Here's a gallery of photos documenting our #LightHive Phase One experience!

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