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Levenshulme Miniature Sculpture Park

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Levenshulme Miniature Sculpture Park is a 1:12 exhibition of sculptures in Levenshulme to make you smile this summer! Inspired by places such as Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Open every day sunrise to sunset from 8am May 1st - 9pm June 13th 2021.

Featuring fantastic Levy local, Manchester, north west and UK artists.

See statements and links under the images:

Nerissa Cargill Thompson

Sally Eldars

Lucie Fitzpatrick


Tao Lashley-Burney

Ellen Samuel

Heather Skowood Kath Tindale SamsCor Alison Waters

Sally Eldars

What am I?, 2020

Recycled card, recycled paper,

oil and salvaged copper wire, 9x9cm

What am I? 2, 2020

Recycled card, recycled paper, plastic packaging, oil and salvaged copper wire, 6x6cm

Eldars’ work examines and conceptualises social-political, cultural and environmental issues which she makes intuitively and spontaneously using different techniques and materials, combining found objects, recycling and re appropriating items. During lockdown, Sally collected her household plastic waste as well as packaging from online shopping deliveries. These items have been used in her sculptures together with reusing and recycling old artwork. IG @sallyeldars


Alison Waters

I Hope For Luck, 2020

Artists books, stitch and collage, 4x3cm

We all need luck, especially during these lockdown times.

When a situation makes us feel out of control we turn to

good luck omens to try and help us take back control. IG @AlisonWatersArt ----


VARIATION_006, 2020

Acrylic on wood panel, 10x10cm

Abstract acrylic artwork on a round wood panel. IG @ImaPico


Ellen Samuel

Away from it all, 2020

Hand embroidery, floss on cotton lawn, 6x10cm

Blue skies and nature offer freedom from daily life.

When it's grey outside curling up in a quilt is the next best thing.

Working at this scale meant freedom to explore new techniques.

IG @CottonExchangeMcr


Nerissa Cargill Thompson

No Man is an Island Triptych, 2020, 3x 7.5x5cm

Miniature versions of the artist’s ’No Man is an Island’ series

cast in cake, biscuit and truffle packaging.

This series of works explores the fact that unfortunately there is no

place free from plastic pollution, even uninhabited islands in the middle

of the ocean. We must consider our actions and their effect on others

and our own environment; we are not free to just do as we please.


Heather Skowood

Wire Mesh Sculptures x3, 2020

Wire and house paint meditations.

Heather is a Human, flawed and vulnerable as you.

She wonders through our shared world with an insatiable appetite for connections with people like you and experiencing things visually, mentally, physically and spiritually in unique and stimulating ways. Read more about Heather's solo exhibition that ran in TDHAG. IG @HeatherSkowoodDesigns


Tao Lashley-Burney

Deep Cutters 1 & 2, 2020 Wood, paper, paint, 16x9x3cm

Interested in architecture and experience, Tao’s usual practice examines how we engage with spaces and each other. Through lockdowns he became interested in developing his method of using paint and applying it to sculpture and making small versions of larger ideas. IG @taol_bart Read about Tao's upcoming Harris Preston exhibition


Kath Tindale

Freedom to Feel, 2020 Wooden dolls with mixed media, 6x6.5cm

True freedom means that you can feel your emotions authentically, deeply and without judgement. We all experience emotions at different times but the reasons behind the emotions might not be clear to those looking from the outside. Our emotions are important to us and we need the freedom to process emotions in our own way without having to repress them or hold them inside.

Submission 1: Frustration (Yellow, Red and Orange) Frustration can come in so many forms and can build up over a period of time with a mixture of anger and desire to resolve the source of our frustration. It can appear as quickly as it disappears.

Submission 2: Melancholy (Blue)

When it all gets too much, sometimes we just want to curl up and let the emotion sweep over us. Melancholy adds texture to our lives and makes the joyous moments more sweet.

Submission 3: Overwhelmed (Purple)

The world can fall on top of us and completely unravel around us for no apparent reason. Sometimes we need to see where it all falls before we can put the pieces back in place to move forward.

Submission 4: Pride (Metallic with star)

Small achievements add up to big achievements over time and we should take stock in the small steps we have taken on our journey. It’s ok to celebrate the small things.

IG @RedGateFarmArt



botanical Heart, 2021, 20x20cm

heART, Monstera, Floral Mandala, 2021, 1x1cm

SamsCor is a Manchester artist based in Levenshulme. Her art is colourful and detailed. She loves working with different mediums, however, acrylic art on terracotta pots is her specialty. Her love for hearts makes it her signature, as it symbolises the connection between herself and her passion for art.

FB & IG @samscor_art


Lucie Fitzpatrick

Brain Drain, 2012

Statement ring - stainless steel sink drain and magnetic balls, 9.5 x 8 cm

String Theory, 2012

Statement ring - copper, spray paint and coloured string, 12 x 12 cm

My Left Brain, 2012

Statement ring - steel, spray paint and magnetic cubes, 7 x 6 cm

Squelch, 2014

Melted plastic, 9 x 7.5

Lucie is an artist and marketer from Bath living in Levenshulme. This collection of statement jewellery was inspired by the theory of “the distinct sides of the brain”, with pieces taking on both an interpretation of the visual aspects of those “sides” and a loose attempt to allow the wearer to stimulate or train each side through play, creativity or logic tasks.

IG @CraftyMissFitz

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