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We're moving to Macc!

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

We are very excited to announce that we are moving to Macclesfield in Cheshire!

Hopefully we'll be back doing stuff in Greater Manchester at some point, but for now we are concentrating on connecting with the arts and heritage-dedicated people, places and projects in Macc and trying to grow into an even more brilliant #MicroGallery & Museum!

First we will renovate and redecorate slightly as the gallery has not only been upgraded with a fancy new wall bracket and basement storey, but it's also taken a bit of a battering and had some sun damage over its first 1.5 years and the amazing projects we've done so far.

“I love the idea of a tiny collaborative space of creativity that allows many to engage with a similar theme.”

We contacted our new council and they've given us some MICRO funding to do up the gallery a bit ready to collaborate with some Macc-based arts and community orgs this year.

This money will help us to raise the quality of the space and also add a very exciting 1:12 Victorian garret museum, in keeping with the gallery's location of the window of a town centre weaver's cottage.

We hope to open this new Macc venue in May 2022, so watch this space!

“Micro-galleries feel more accessible in terms of where they can be located in a community, being seen by people who may not visit a traditional gallery, and by being less intimidating to submit work to.”

Would you like to collaborate with the gallery somehow? Perhaps in your shop window with miniature versions of your work/products? As part of an arts project or event? Could your group do a takeover? Could your members/service users/visitors take part in a workshop to create work to a theme? Perhaps you're an artist, gallery, studios or collective who would like to exhibit (find out more about exhibiting here)?

Get in touch!

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