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My Lockdown Story Books

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

My Lockdown Story challenged 23 participants to reflect on life in pandemic lockdown 2020-21 through various art techniques, and some time to prioritise creation over rumination... The course was led by Arc and lead artist Alison Waters, and the result are these stunning miniature books by 14 of the participants so far who have submitted 19 books.

See the pages of the books turned in the video below, and see them in-person at Stockport Together, Again which opens at 11am on September 25th at Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery.

Directory of Story Books

In the order shown in the video

Vol. I - Well here we all are by Ellen Samuel

A story about moments of stillness, solace and connection found through creative practice during lockdown.

Vol. II - The whole world has turned by Ellen Samuel

A story about navigating mental health recovery and university life in a time of uncertainty and change.

Part 1: The Loops by Rob Allen

A story about using the pandemic to reflect on your life so far.

Part 2: We Imagine by Rob Allen

A story about using what you’ve learned to implement positive change.

That was when... by Alison Waters

A story about a lockdown transition from the mundane monochrome to creative colour.

A place of safety by Jacqui Wood

A story about the places the writer’s feet took them during lockdown.

Something was about to go terribly wrong. by Anna Peters

A story about how when lockdown began there was little to do but walk the streets... like everyone else!

The CoronaCoaster by Emma Clarke

A story about the ups and downs of a pandemic in 21st Century Britain.

My Lockdown Stortree by Clare Andrews

A story about exploring a family tree and feeling blessed by nature through lockdown.

Lockdown by Kath Walls

A story about lockdown - essential but ‘orrible!

Looking forward by Kath Walls

A story about thoughts in lockdown and looking forward to special things opening.

Seaside by Kath Walls

A story about wishing you lived near to the sea - again.

Out of Tune by Steffie ElHassan

A story about reflecting on our relationship with the planet.

What Can We Do? by Liz Stewart

A story celebrating time spent with family - with a focus on the wonderful things we could still enjoy even at the height of lockdown restrictions.

Escape to a Brook by Gill Collier

A story about a new window on a very local world. Escaping to the brook meant stepping outside after shielding, repeatedly walking along the rivers and exploring history.

Here. by Lucie Fitzpatrick

A story about getting to know, loathe and love "here".

The Art of Passing Time by Lucie Fitzpatrick

A story about the agony, epiphany and evolution that can come with living during a pandemic.

Homeschool by Laura Deane

A story inspired by homeschooling two young children - an allotment became a classroom for learning about all sorts of things. Learning about life and growth together over those precious months. The allotment was a haven and a safe space after a traumatic start to lockdown. It nurtured and healed. A family cracked open and grew through the damage.

Transition by Gerri Jackson

A new way of living: A story told through a page by page journey of how the writer spent their time during the pandemic.

Page 1 - Covid and quarantine.

Page 2 - Crafts and baking to help pass the time.

Page 3 - Walking the dog and nature is good for mental health.

Page 4 - A break by the sea in the UK, another way of connecting with nature.

Page 5 - An Amsterdam family visit, the last chance to connect in-person.

Page 6 - The Rainbow. Our Survival.

A Poem About Lockdown by Anna Peters

The seven arches close by an easy and pleasant 40-minute walk and a good starting point if you wish to extend it. Blessed with good weather during the first lockdown made walking a joy. Past the main road and into the field over which the railway viaduct arches, there are fields full of wildflowers and horses, quietly doing their thing. A clear sparkling stream bubbling past the sandy banks. The trees were full of bright green leaves that shivered gently in the breeze and the hot sun shimmered through the branches. Lots of people walked that route, acknowledging each other with a smile and a nod. “We're All In This Together... We'll get through it!” they seemed to be saying to each other. Despite the worries and concerns, many of us enjoyed this new-found freedom; away from work and school, spending more time with our families and enjoying the quiet.. so quiet and clean and fresh! And there was always hope...

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