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Open Call for Mini Art with Arc, Stockport

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

We Are Mini Dreamers’ invites you to express yourself by creating your own mini “dream

world” inside a matchbox! Inspired by Arc’s 2018 borough-wide project ‘We Are Dreamers’, we are collaborating with The Doll’s House Art Gallery to bring you this fun and forward-looking activity and mini exhibition in Stockport. Let us guide you through creating a matchbox space of your own design...

See the full activity, inspiration and where to send the finished piece on Arc's Keeping Us Together website, an archive of 30 free creative activities.

What do you dream of? What do you love? What are you passionate about? What have you been longing for? What are you excited to experience? What is your passion or new found hobby that you can't wait to explore further out in the world? Your box could represent your future plans, hopes or dreams and be personal or concerned with wider issues. It could be a literal or more abstract representation. It's your dream world, you make the rules!

Are you a practicing artist? We would love foryou to respond to this call out too and we will do all we can to share your work online if you tag us and you'll be part of the exhibition for people to be able to visit.

About the Project

This is a very special and exciting project to encourage you to dream and look ahead, to use creativity to focus on the positives of emerging from our collective restrictions. You don’t have to send us your dreambox, but we would love to exhibit our dreams all together in the 1:12 scale gallery, at Merseyway Shopping Centre in June and at Stockport Memorial Art Gallery in the autumn.

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